Animation ( Non Animated Film Making)

Creating animations is a production stage that requires the greatest amount of time. However, the role of animators in the project begins much earlier. It is they who are responsible for the ideas of animation pass when inventing the script and storyboard. It also happens that they reject an idea for a given scene because of the difficulty resulting from the animation of a given character or object movement, because 2D animations are governed by strict laws.

The implementation of animators at the very beginning of production is crucial for us, because the animation problem can be eliminated at the first stage - without the need to change, when half of the work is already done. And the animation process can be long - depending on the project, one minute video is 1-2 weeks of the animator's work.

We work closely with agencies and directly with brands. We inform you about the progress at every stage of animation creation. We understand the requirements of some brands that like to be in constant communication and to watch over the creative process.

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